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Making NFT Trade Safer for Everyone!

Using personal NFT verification links for Creators & Brands
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NFT Fraud is a huge pain for NFT Creators, Buyers and marketplaces Creators lose possible income, Buyers lose money on fake NFTs, Marketplaces lose credibility and the Web3 community loses as a whole.

By using HOOZ, you reduce the potential for Fraud of your NFTs and allow a safer trade of funds between NFT Creators and Buyers - Everyone Wins!

Listing Your NFTs

HOOZ will automatically detect any of the NFTs which were created by the connected wallet address. The automatically detected NFTs will be listed in your account, making them available, for your community, to verify your NFT authenticity.

Your Personal Verification Link

Once you signed up, HOOZ will provide you with a personal verification link. This link is YOURS :) Place your verification link on your prefered media (twitter, website, discord, linktree, etc.) and share it with your community. Now, anyone can verify your NFT authenticity.

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